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병해충의 위험에서 지켜드리겠습니다.^^

가든키퍼(GARDEN KEEPER)는 은행잎으로 만든 식물 병해충 관리도구입니다. '가든키퍼'를 사용하면 식물을 해치는 병해충을 안전하게 관리할 수 있습니다.

 가든키퍼(GARDEN KEEPER)에는 은행잎성분과 식물영양소 이외의 합성화학물질이 첨가되지 않아 사람과 식물은 물론 환경에도 해가 없습니다.

실내 애완식물이나 텃밭식물에 병해충 증상이 보일 때마다 '가든키퍼(GARDEN KEEPER)'를 사용하시면 식물을 항상 아름답고 건강하게 관리하실 수 있습니다.

식물병해충관리도구 '가든키퍼'소개

Don't Worry About Toxicity!!

GARDEN KEEPER' will keep your plants
from danger of pests.^^

GARDEN KEEPER is a pest control product made from ginkgo leaf. It can prevent or control any of plant pests in your garden. And it contains no harmful chemicals except  ginkgo leaf extract and plant nutrients. So it can be used in house, school, playground and organic farming place.

G&G KEEPER is a another name of GARDEN KEEPER. G&G means 'Ginkgo and Garden'. Thank you.^^

Invest your future in safe, energy and oxygen saving material. 

We have developed pesticidal emulsion (patent pending) made from oil, alcohol and plant extract. It can control greenhouse whiteflies, aphids, mites, moth caterpillars, mearlybugs, scales, thrips and the like, without any phytotoxicity on plants.

It can be used in house, school, organic farming place and any other place that need to be safe from synthetic chemicals.

We expect this material to contribute to keep food, environment safe from chemical pesticides danger.


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